Businesses face a range of potential HR issues everyday. Can you navigate through these issues to minimise disruption to your working environment and avoid costly employment tribunal claims?

These are just some of the issues you might face...


A junior member of staff comes to you saying he has been verbally assaulted by two members of another team. He wants to make things formal but does not want his line Manager involved as he does not trust him. Would you know what to do?


You need to reduce costs as projected sales are down. You look at redundancies in the customer service team. One of the team is pregnant and another is off long term sick. How do you avoid potential tribunal claims?


You need to fill a key Management post quickly. Are you confident your advert, job description and interview questions will not contravene anti discrimination legislation introduced in recent years?


One of your staff has missed 50 work days with various health issues this year. They say they have genuinely been sick on all occasions. If this level of absence is unacceptable to your business, would you know how to deal with this?


One of your team has been bottom of the sales table for three years in a row. The team has met the overall target due to your top two salespeople, but there are rumours that the other members of the team resent this person gets the same bonus. What do you do?